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poems about reproductive justice
& bodily autonomy

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Reproductive Justice means the right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children & parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.

—Women of African Descent for

Reproductive Justice & SisterSong


Contributors include:

Ashna Ali ✦ Stevie Belchak ✦ Nikki Blazek ✦ Darcy Parker Bruce ✦ Kate Castle ✦ Sara Dass ✦ Dylan Gilbert ✦ Carson Jordan ✦ Aristilde Kirby ✦ John Ling ✦ Abby Minor ✦ Eileen Myles ✦ Alissa Quart ✦ Syan Rose ✦ Viva Ruíz ✦ Wilson Sherwin ✦ Shigorika Singh ✦ Anna B. Sutton ✦ Camila Valle ✦ Lucy Wainger

All proceeds to benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds

An illustration of two faces facing each other, with a cloud and sun above their heads and a flower below their chins.  Their mouths are open and a mountain range spans from one open mouth to the other. Their spit drips onto the flower.
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