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Sara Dass

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Today, I am a giantess
crouched over the sun
as it sets around
this silver-lined drain of a skyline

Perhaps if I'm quiet
no one will notice my shadow
flatten ivory columns into eggshell basins ––
twist bronze doors into sturdy, claw feet

Perhaps if I'm quick about it
no one will know
I was ever here

But I don't want to be quiet today

or quick

I drench Contemplation of Justice
in thundering saltine retches
I pummel Authority of Law
till it crumbles like an extra-strength Tylenol tablet

I bring this entire building ––
this entire city

to its knees

Perhaps then, someone will discover another clause
that gives me the right to stand
giant as I am

Sara Dass is a poet and humanities tutor in the Baltimore area. Her work primarily explores the connection between mental illness, politics, familial relationships, and coded forms of intimate emotional expression. She strongly believes in the importance of equitable abortion access. She is currently working on her first collection of poetry, A Whisper and A Scream.

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